On September 28-29, 2018, the IV Congress of the Society of Interventional Cardiologists and Endovascular Surgeons of Kazakhstan was held in the conference hall of the Royal Tulip Almaty hotel in Almaty.

The following topics were presented for discussion:

  • Interventional cardiology (bifurcation stenosis, chronic occlusion, difficult cases of stenting)
  • Endovascular treatment of peripheral vascular lesions
  • Interventional treatments in oncology and neurosurgery

Professor Antonio Colombo attended the event, who is currently Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory of Columbus and San Raffael Hospitals, Milan (Italy). He has performed more than 50 thousand interventions during his career. Within the framework of the congress, Professor Antonio Colombo conducted master classes with online broadcast in the Cardiology Center in Almaty, and more than a hundred cardiologists from different countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Poland and Italy) were able to see unique operations on stenting of the heart vessels.

Two online broadcasts from operating rooms in Poland and Italy were presented at the Congress. Professor Roberto Ferraresi (Italy) presented peripheral stenting using the Angiodroid device (Italy) as an injector for a CO2 X-ray contrast. Professor R. Gil (Poland) made a presentation on “Bioss Bifurcation Stent”. Participants of the this event were convinced with their own eyes of a good visualization of the process while being safe for the patient.

In addition, domestic and foreign colleagues presented interesting reports at the Congress:

  • "The main achievements of interventional cardiology in Kazakhstan" - Ph.D. Alimbaev Serik Anlamazovich.
  • "Development of emergency cardiology in Kazakhstan" - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Abseitova Saule Raimbekovna.
  • "Innovative technologies of stents and scaffolds from Meryl" - Professor Antonio Colombo, Italy.
  • “A case of bifurcation stenting using an Orsiro stent (provisional stenting technique)” - Aleksey E. Kolesnikov.
  • "Intravascular ultrasound examination to improve the results of PCI" - Ph.D. Matchin Yuri Georgievich.
  • "Clever Medical is a new Kazakhstani manufacturer of high quality medical products" - Zhanov Abzal.
  • "Modern approach to the treatment of bifurcation lesions and results: analysis of the data of the global register" - Teleuov Dauren Akhmetovich.
  • "Tansei - new technologies that facilitate the treatment of complex lesions" - Natalia Churilova.
  • "Clinical case" - Saken Murasovich Anartaev.
  • "A modern approach to the treatment of patients with a high risk of bleeding" - Ekrem Khodzhametov.
  • "Experience in the treatment of inpatient stroke on the example of the NSCC" - Medetov Erkin.
  • "New data from studies of the Orsiro stent and the resorbable magnesium scaffold Magmaris" - Govorukhina Margarita.
  • "Aspiration thrombectomy - experience at City Clinical Hospital No. 7" - Kastey Rauan.
  • "Experience of the regional medical center of the East Kazakhstan region" - Abishev Kuatzhan.
  • "Catheter thrombolysis in pulmonary embolism - experience of GKB No. 7" - Taimanuly Orynbasar.
  • "Intra- and extracranial stenoses and occlusions - the experience of the Central Clinical Hospital" - Nurzhan Suleimankulov.
  • "Possibilities of interventional radiology in oncology" - Arybzhanov Dauranbek Tursunkulovich.
  • "Our experience of embolization of the left gastric artery in obese patients" - Chinaliev Azat Myrzabaevich.
  • "Radiofrequency denervation of the renal arteries in resistant essential hypertension." Abilkhanov Yerzhan Yerganatovich.
  • "A clinical case of surgical reconstruction of the abdominal aorta in a patient after stent graft implantation." Tukinov Ruslan Yalkynovich.
  • "Key provisions of dual antiplatelet therapy in 2017-2018." Doctor of Medical Sciences, Prof., Dzhunusbekova G.A.
  • "Progressive statin therapy before and after myocardial revascularization", MD, prof. Tundybaeva M.K.
  • “Antiplatelet therapy. A look at the problem. " Makasheva Z.S.
  • Experience in introducing the principles of Kai-Zen into the work of a catheterization laboratory. Kuzhukeev Arystan.
  • Presentation (master class) of the joint project Terumo-Kaizen. Representative of Terumo Moldaniyazov Aslan and certified trainer of the kai-zen center in Almaty, Yessenova Dinara